Frank de Bakker
IÉSEG School of Management

What's new?

Since September 1st I am co-editor of Business & Society.

New book chapter with Frank den Hond and Mikko Laamanen in the Handbook of Social Movements across Disciplines.

New paper accepted at Business & Society: Sustainability Struggles: Conflicting cultures and incompatible logics (with Anne Kok and Peter Groenewegen)

New paper accepted at Academy of Management Discoveries: Pitching for Social Change: Towards a relational approach to selling and buying social issues (with Christopher Wickert)

I am a professor of corporate social responsibility at the Department of Management at IÉSEG School of Management in Lille, France. I teach courses on CSR, business ethics and methodology and in my research I am interested in business and society interactions, especially in how activist groups operate vis-a-vis firms, what strategies and tactics they use over time to evoke institutional change on issues of corporate social responsibility and in how firms respond to these challenges. In Lille, I am a member of ICOR, the IÉSEG Centre for Organizational Responsibility and of LEM-CNRS.

This homepage contains links to my research and teaching activities, a short CV and a few links I find useful or interesting. Please contact me if you have any further questions or remarks.